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TNV is an interactive live show allowing you to play to win unique life experiences.

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A dream of intensity.

When, from one day to the next, your certainties turn into doubts and your fear takes over your courage, you get tired of yourself, despair of your cowardice, regret your weakness. At that very moment, everything could have stopped. I was devastated that I didn't know why I was doing things, or where I was going. That day I read a sentence that changed my life, truly...

"It is sad that people wait for the night to dream" said Jacques Brel.

These words had an incredible resonance, an impact that I felt would stand the test of time. That day, I decided to believe that it was possible to dream during the day, with open eyes...

We want to fight limiting beliefs and boredom, democratize access to dreams, open the field of possibilities, create new bridges between virtual and real, empower people behind their screens, create a strong sense of community, assemble universes, see lives transformed, behaviors evolve, wishes fulfilled. We wish to see Man rise, to make him discover new emotions, new feelings, new sensations!

The impression of an ideal? Certainly. We are great idealists. We dream of injecting magic into people's hearts.

The tnv team

Jean Collinet Anspach
Founder & CEO

Playing with Federer on center court at Wimbledon.

Basile Thisse
Associate & Product Manager

Going around the world with Mike Horn.

Henri Bindels
Show host

Meeting Tom Hanks.


Want to join the adventure? We are recruiting!

We are looking to create a team of passionate, courageous and unique people to help us build a unique company. Recruiting is about attracting and seducing, without lying. Surrounding yourself with people means being able to live in the plural, to share without regrets, to believe in common success rather than individual achievement.

If you are deeply motivated by the desire to build something exceptional, if you believe that dreams are made to be pursued at all costs and if you cannot conceive of an existence without meaning, intensity and passion, then it seems that we can agree on the essentials...

Marketing manager
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Film director
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Lead developer
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our investors

Pierre lagrange
Founder GLG
Bernard Marchant
CEO Rossel
Olivier Coune
President & CEO
Pierre Marcolini
Arnaud Laviolette
CFO D’ieteren
Denis Zenner
CEO Corex - VPK
Packaging Group
Sébastien Van Vyve
Co-CEO Sparkers
Eric Deltour
Partner Dechert
Geoffroy Fink
Senior Associate
Pascal Vanlandeghem
President Exam
Felipe del Marmol
Gilles Collet
Co-CEO Sparkers
Thomas De Moor
Manager Amazon
Dorian De Brabandère
Business director
Digital Attraxion
Digital startup accelerator

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